Wonderful homemade treatments for getting a sparkling smile in your teeth

Everyone brush the teeth at twice a day and without brush your teeth, your teeth may become yellow due to the reason of stains. The yellow teeth can spoil the cute sparkling smile in your teeth and also reduce the beauty of the smile. Everyone take the vegetables and fruits in their everyday life but only certain fruits can improve the health of the teeth. Teeth may become yellow due to poor dental hygiene, aging, hereditary factor or excessive consumption f coffee, tea, cigarettes and tobacco. The climatic conditions may also one of the reasons for yellow teeth and there are many treatments are present for removing the yellow teeth. Some dental treatments may very expensive for remove the yellow teeth and the dental treatments depend on upon the infection of the teeth. Some of the vegetables and fruits help to avoid various diseases and infections. Good hygienic routine is flossing and brushing and these are help to improve your smile.

Whitening toothpaste

There are different kinds of toothpaste and tooth powders are available in the shops and the toothpaste can come in a paste or gel. Toothpaste with fluoride may help to prevent the tooth decay because the fluoride is occurring minerals and so, it can fight away from the bacteria.  Good foods and drinks are mainly helping to prevent the cavity problems and some of the people drinking coffee or tea twice in a day but it is not good for the teeth because they take coffee or tea with full of hot. The hot drinking coffee or tea may affect the enamels of the teeth and there are four layers of enamels are present in the teeth and it protects the white teeth from the yellow teeth. The chewing vegetable items are the good things to improve the teeth. The chewing vegetables and fruits include such as strawberries, cauliflower, carrot and some of other vegetables are very useful to give the strength of the teeth.

Natural homemade paste

Some of the people are taking the salt for brush the teeth in the everyday morning and they can simply maintain the teeth by using the kitchen ingredients. You may try many different types of homemade treatments to get the whiten teeth naturally. Some acidic fruits help to prevent the disease and so, the lemon juice is one the best ways for cleaning the teeth. The baking soda and lemon are the ingredients for making the paste and take lemon juice from the lemon. The lemon is a rich source of vitamin C and taking lemon juice daily is one of the good things to protect the white teeth from the infections. Take the medium sized bowl and add one teaspoon of baking soda and mix with lemon juice in the bowl. Now the lemon juice paste is ready to use and you have to wipe your teeth before applying the paste and you then apply the paste to the toothbrush. Brush your teeth for few minutes and then rinse with water and it gives the good results to the teeth.


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