Some easy methods to naturally whiten your teeth

Almost everyone would like to have the white teeth which shine like the pearls and provide your bright smile. Unfortunately, most of the men and women don’t have that bright smile with the white teeth because of the stains on them. The stains on the teeth will make them yellowish in color and reduce the appearance of your smile. In the regular life schedule and food habit, the people are losing their white teeth due to the stains made by drinking of tea, coffee, or using cigarettes. There are some other reasons also possible to have yellowish teeth and stains. They include,

  • Antibiotics
  • Hereditary reasons
  • Climatic conditions
  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Infections
  • Aging and etc.

When you are willing to willing to restore the hygiene of your teeth and naturally whiten teeth, you can follow these teeth whitening tips given by the dental experts.

4 tips to whiten the teeth in the natural way:

For the natural teeth whitening treatments, the following are really the workable tips for all men and women.

  • Brush & floss the teeth regularly – Bacteria increase on the sugars and convert it to the specific acid causing the decay of teeth enamel and also yellowing of the teeth. For this purpose, it is highly necessary to brush your teeth twice per day and flossing them are the important tasks to do for have healthy and clean teeth with the sparkling white and no stains.
  • Taking the foods which help whitening the teeth – Many studies suggest that the people can naturally whiten teeth by consuming some crunchy vegetables and fruits such as apples, carrots, nuts, and celery. These types of food items are naturally coarse and help scrub your teeth clean. You can also consume some of the fruits such as pineapples which contain bromelain content helping to eliminate the plaque and remove stains on the teeth. The malic acid in the apples will also be very helpful to dissolve the teeth stains.
  • Avoid foods which damage the whitening effect – When you are consuming the vitamin supplements, they will surely damage the teeth and cause stains because they contain enamel hurting acids. Similarly, the teeth stains increase from frequently drinking wine, tea, coffee, and any other dark liquids. It is better avoiding these types of drinks and stain causing foods to save the glittering whitening effect of your teeth. Instead of tea, coffee, or any other supplement, you can drink vegetable soups or fruit juices which help your overall health better. Instead of drinking juices and soups, crunching the raw veggies and fruits are very helpful to maintain the healthiness of your teeth with pearl whitening effect.
  • Mixer of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide – Baking soda is the most commonly used ingredient in almost all the kitchens. Everyone knows that it is a wonderful teeth whitener. When this baking soda is combined with the hydrogen peroxide liquid found in the pharmacy, you can get glittering white teeth within a week.



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