How to easily and naturally whiten teeth at home

Everybody wants to get the pearl white teeth but they won’t because of the unfair food habits and improper maintenance of the oral hygiene. In order to get the white teeth with no yellow stains, first of all you should need to avoid drinking the dark drinks like coffee, tea, wine, and anything which cause stains on your teeth. At the same time, it is better brushing your teeth twice in a day using the teeth whitening gel or special tooth paste to remove plaque and stains for getting white teeth. Some of the people don’t like to use the teeth whitening tooth paste or gel to maintain their oral hygiene. Such types of people can able to whiten your teeth in the several natural ways. When you have decided to whitening teeth naturally, then it is a right way to have pearl white teeth with no side effects. This method will also increase the life of your teeth and maintain healthy teeth/gum.

All you need:

For this natural way of whitening the teeth, you need

  • 1 ripe strawberry
  • ½ tsp baking soda


  1. Once you have collected these two easily available natural ingredients in your kitchen, you can start teeth whitening process.
  2. First, you should crush up the berry and mix it with the ½ tsp of the baking soda.
  3. The preparers can make use of the soft toothbrush to put this strawberry and baking soda mixture onto your teeth.
  4. Then, it is better leaving it for about 4 to 6 minutes and you can rinse it off.

It is essential to do the same process at least once in a week to get the effective teeth whitening results. When you start whitening teeth naturally using the berry and baking soda, these two ingredients will be helpful to remove all the harmful stains on the teeth and protect the enamel. For the deep teeth whitening process by removing all stains and protecting the enamel, you can scrub the mixture of berry and baking soda gently using the tooth brush. It will be helpful to loosen the harmful stains and bacteria on the teeth. Then, you can use the luke-warm water to remove the stains from your teeth.

The baking soda is the natural teeth whitener and the strawberry will be a great one for maintaining your oral hygiene. The combination of these two ingredients is very helpful to remove the harmful plaque and stains from the teeth to get pearl whitening effect. It is very simple, easy to follow, and less expensive method of teeth whitening. The individuals can able to try this natural way of teeth whitener just at your home simply with not necessary to go for the dental hospitals. Usage of strawberry along with the baking soda is really the healthy way of whitening the teeth by removing all stains and maintaining the overall dental hygiene for the healthy teeth and gum.


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