Get whiter teeth with these natural ways

Today, many people want to know how to get whiter teeth naturally. Even, getting whiter teeth can be a huge investment of money for your laser teeth whitening methods. Instead of visiting your dentist, there are some possible alternative ways available to get whiter teeth naturally. Normally, brushing your teeth twice per day will helps to make your teeth whiter as well as increase the effectiveness with the use of perfect recipe. You should make sure to use the branded tooth paste that helps to clean your teeth and maintain them whiter as well.



In today’s culture, getting great teeth is also most important that can improve the people’s face look while smiling. If you worry about to have yellow or any discolored teeth, there are some effective ideas available that helps you how to get whiter teeth naturally as easily and quickly as possible.

Use a straw to drink

One of the major reasons for having yellow teeth is drinking tea, coffee, soda, wine and even smoking. These items can cause some troubles to the enamel and reduce the pure color of your teeth. So, you can try to use straw while drinking any fluids like tea or coffee.

Eat plenty of strawberries

The strawberry is one of the colorful fruits that have an enzyme such as vitamin C and malic acid. These ingredients can greatly help to eliminate the stain surface on your teeth and the Vitamin C can keep away the plaque. To keep your teeth whiten, you can mash the strawberry fruits and brush your teeth at least twice per week.



Use lemon juice and baking soda

The lemon extract is one of the effective teeth whitening home remedies naturally. The mixture of baking soda and lemon juice solution can bring brightening smile effects for you. You can try this once per week and feel any damaging on your tooth; you just stop it and try some other procedures.

How to use baking soda for teeth whitening:

Baking soda is the most commonly used household item in all kitchens for the various baking purposes. At the same time, it can be used as a natural teeth whitener for all men and women. Once you have confused how to get whiter teeth naturally by removing all yellow stains, you just apply the baking soda on the teeth and do the gentle scrub. The powerful ingredients of the baking soda will surely remove the yellow stains. After the 10 to 15 minutes of gentle scrub on the teeth using the baking soda, you can rinse it off. At the first time, you will not get any noticeable changes in your teeth. But it is highly necessary to do the same for about 15 days. After 15 days, all the stains on your teeth will be removed and you will get pure white teeth. Baking soda does an excellent job of removing the yellow stains from the teeth without damaging the teeth and gums. At the same time, it will prevent your enamel from the various damages. Thus, it can reach the whiter teeth within 15 days. Don’t scrub too much or more than 15 minute. 10 minutes of scrub on teeth with baking soda is enough to get perfect white teeth.


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