Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth

A yellow teeth is not something anyone wants to have and the reason you are reading this article. A study shows that Americans spends over $1.4 billion dollars in OTC (Over The Counter) teeth whitening products. Woah! that’s a huge amount of money being spent on a good smile. 18% of Americans conceal their teeth in photos. The reality is that many of us have yellow teeth due to many reasons like ageing, genetics, consumption of food and drinks which damage teeth, oral hygiene or smoking. In this article I will explain the natural ways to whiten teeth. Before we read on how to whiten our yellow teeth, it is very important to understand the reason of a yellow teeth which will help us understand the remedies.

Why do teeth get yellow?

To understand this you need to have a clarity on the anatomy of a tooth. The tooth is made of 4 tissues enamel which is a white strong covering which you can see. Dentin, supports enamel which is a yellow material carrying nerves. Now when we eat junk food and drink or smoke, it breaks down the enamel and we see dentin which is yellow. This is a primary reason of teeth getting yellow in teens and young people. Whereas also due to aging the enamel gets weak and starts getting thin, which makes the teeth yellow. Plaque and acids are the main components in food and drinks which weakens enamel. The objective of the remedies is to clean the teeth and strengthen the enamel.

Why you should whiten your teeth naturally?

It requires dedication to whiten your teeth using natural methods as it takes upto a month to see some results. To help you to whiten your teeth we are sharing some reasons you should whiten your teeth for. If you are an old aged person third point could really give you some boost to follow remedies shared below.

  1. A great smile
  2. For self confidence you get by a great smile
  3. From 40 you automatically start looking of 30. It makes you look young.
  4. If you are preparing for an important day in your life like a job interview, wedding you might want to have a white smile as it increases the confidence.
  5. Have a good first impression on the important day
  6. It does not require surgery
  7. Cost effective

Now that you know the reason your teeth gets yellow and why you should bother about it, sharing some common mistakes which people do in the process of whitening the teeth.

Common mistakes people make in teeth whitening

  1. You do not visit the dentist – As a rule of thumb make a visit to the dentist every 6 months, it doesn’t cost you much. The reason of your teeth getting yellow could be something else.
  2. You rely too much on mouth rinses for whitening
  3. You use the remedy too far – As a caution do not use the remedies shared below after your teeth whitens. It might give you a chalky look.

Remedies to whiten teeth

  1. Baking Soda and Hydrogen PeroxideSodium BiCarbonate AKA Baking Soda is mildly abrasive. It is also slightly alkaline. If you have acidic fod in your diet it helps to balance the PH. It is important to balance the acid in your diet as acid breaks down enamel which shows the yellow dentin upfront and your teeth looks yellow.The process of taking Baking soda and Hydrogen Peroxide is simple, take some baking soda and mix some hydrogen peroxide in it. Mix the mixture and rinse your teeth once a week with it. After rinsing brush your teeth vigorously.
  2. Strawberry, Salt and Baking Soda ScrubStrawberry I know seems funny to have to whiten teeth, but strawberries contain vitamin C, which breaks plaque which yellows the teeth. Salt scrubs away any strain on the teeth.The process is simple, take a strawberry, cut it into as fine particles as you can. Add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in it. Mix it. Use a brush or finger to brush you teeth with the mixture. Do it twice a week followed up by brush.
  3. Coconut Oil RinseCoconut oil contains lauric acid which removes the bacteria found in plaque.

It is very important if you are following any of the above remedy make a routine, and strictly follow it for atleast a month. It takes atleast a month to whiten your teeth naturally. You can spend money on buying some OTC products for the teeth whitening, but the results you will get from natural methods will be better as compared to the OTC products.